Monday, August 17, 2009

a little golden book: The Gull That Lost the Sea.

reading is so good. i feel like its healthy. and very important. sometimes it takes me a while to read a book. sometimes it takes me 2 days. either way, its good. it makes people smarter. depending on what book it is, it helps have a better imagination. which is detrimental.

i am living in a house. "the presidents house." obama lives here. in graceville. the president of bcf used to live here. my room is almost finished. it looks so good. i am quite the decorator. although i am being swallowed by shelves. the walls...consists of only shelves. hmmm. a library perhaps? or maybe its where they stored all their food for y2k. yes. millenium= starvation. or maybe its where they kept all there beanie babies. or...or! its the room dr kinchen placed all his trophies. he held the record for possessing the worlds most saltwater aquariums. maybe he used to own a lot of cats. they needed a place to sit. the possibilities are endless.

a few nights ago i saw two shooting stars on my way home. i wasnt even looking at the sky. i think God created shooting stars just for us. just so we can look at them. shooting stars declare Gods glory.

starbucks: ground coffee. tasting notes: balanced, nutty. flavor intensity: medium. my opinion: yum.


Cannonicity said...

I love you..and miss you dearly. you make me laugh. sometimes so much my drink comes out of my nose. Ouch.

Peyton said...

oh i miss you! i am so glad that happens. i love you manda!