Thursday, August 13, 2009

meryl streep. a favorite.

sometimes i wish i could take a moment i love and make it last a million years. tonight i thought this many times. me and my best friend brittani sampson went to see a 10:00 movie. for free. since she works at a movie theater. we saw julie and julia. great movie. inspiring. we were the only people in the theater. which was probably a good thing. we got free popcorn and free icees. and we bought chocolate covered peanuts. near the end of the movie, we got tired and restless. we hit the first stage of deleriousness. in our case, the first stage is most likely stage five for others. we put up the arm rests and laid across the chairs. it wasnt comfortable but we both agreed it was perfect. this opened the doors for a lot of hilarious jokes. we were laughing histarically at ourselves. near the end of the movie i dozed off for a few minutes and woke up at the very end. we were thankful we didnt wake up the next morning. i know to you this doesnt seem like a cherishable moment, but it was. and is. she is my best friend and we have so many moments like these.


Ann Marie said...

awwww FUN! i loved that movie too! meryl did quite an excellent job as julia!

Peyton said...

she really did. she is quite a character. and i love her. however her voice kind of got on my nerves. ha.