Friday, December 18, 2009

james, the warrior.

christmas is beautiful in every way. jesus became flesh. he made his home with us. -scotty.

happy birthday baby jesus.

i have been observing mrs patton and her 2nd grade class at smcs for a class. i just wish i could skip the rest of school and have my own class. i have to have 50 hours of observation.

david brasher plays wonderfully on his guitar.

me and brittany moore made a beautiful memory tonight. if i told you what we did it wouldnt be a secret. which is part of the fun for us. it had to do with a certain magical christmas song.

i still dont think ill be done with christmas songs after christmas. this could be a problem. a sad problem.

noah dollar is so funny. he is in mrs pattons class.

i love hiking. i wish i lived in tennessee so i could run through mountains. like they do in last of the mohicans.

i went to the sec game. i love bama. and i love winning. and it snowed the same day. what a day.

i love writing letters. i have written a lot of christmas letters. i will mail them tomorrow i think. my farthest letter is going down to bolivia.

i want to dress like something christmassy. like a reindeer. but i dont have any creative ideas. maybe i could dress as a christmas list. a nice one of course. or i could dress as egg nog. or the north star. or a shepherd. or baby jesus. maybe a christmas frenchman. or a mustache. moustache. moostache.

i saw all the geese at star lake today fly away together. i wanted to fly away with them.


Summer said...

For some reason, this blog post reminds me of RENT in general. The movie, atleast :)