Monday, May 31, 2010

Remember me?

I go through dry periods with blogging. I dont know why, I know Ill regret it in the end. But I still find time NOT to blog. Rats. Not this summer. I am going to. I am telling you Im going to. Whoever you are. Void.

So many bloggable things have happened since my last blog, December 18, 2009. Might as well be 2007. It is now 2010. A new year. I didnt even take a break to blog about the new year. New thoughts. New ideas. New adventures. New things to explore. New things to see. New things to hear. I mean, it wasnt even Christmas last time a blogged. Merry Christmas. Happy Summer.

Summer is now. I am back in the Floridian Lifestyle. This is a brand new chapter of my life. I love beginnings. I feel fresh. I start working with the kids at Wiregrass Church tomorrow. I have been attending for exactly a year not counting last summer when I was home. Most of you know Andy Stanley, it is a sister church of Northpoint in Atlanta. Cool thing. I love this church. A new family.

God is teaching me a lot. A lot about things I need to be working on. I cant accomplish anything without him. Sometimes I think I sort of can accomplish a little bit by myself. Sometimes I accidently think this without knowing until later.

School was somewhat rough this Spring semester. A lot of doubts. A lot of negative thoughts. A lot of trusting the Lord.

Tomorrows the first day of doing something Ive never done before. Im frightened. I want to do such a good job this semester. I am also excited. Wish me luck. Good luck. Thanks.

Oh and I will be back. I. Will.