Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have never called them "Fireflies."

Just the other day I was thinking about bugs. Lightning bugs to be specific. I am fascinated by them. I have one question...Where do they go in the daytime? Are they sleeping in the trees? It is not unusual for me to climb trees in the day time, and when I do there are no sign of them anywhere. Are they sleeping in the ground? No. Or...Do they just become a completely different bug in the day? Maybe they transform after the world is asleep. By night they are lightning bugs...by day they are.....beetles. The ones that shine blue and green when exposed to the sun.

Sunday I was deathly ill. Let me explain. I was perfect all day. I ate chips and salsa for lunch while watching 27 Dresses. People say I remind them of Katherine Heigl. I dont look like her but maybe act like her...? Anyways, later that afternoon, around 6:30, I made a hilarious rap video that I will post soon. After that I got really hot and started feeling nauseous. I watched The Incredibles and Toy Story 2. It was downhill from there. I started throwing up. Which I havent done in forever. I was up most of the night. 4:00 I turned out the light and went to sleep and got up the next morning feeling better. Monday I laid around all day. I watched Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland (the new one), and The Wedding Planner. Tuesday, which is now, I am at work, feeling good. Maybe it was bc the video I did was by Eminem, Lose Yourself. I ate macaroni and cheese for dinner that night. I know it couldnt have been that bc thats my favorite food. Ever.

Wiregrass Church is good. It is my second week. I am still trying to learn everything. That part is going faster that I thought.

I am currently in love with orange scented candles.

I thought The Prince of Persia was going to be retarded...turns out I loved it. and still do. I thought it was corny but thats why I thought it was funny/good.