Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bicycle races are coming your way! So forget all your worries Oh yeah.

Today I rode my bike. It was delicious outside. And the birds were alive and in tune.
Things I took:
My license just in case I was going too fast.
My chapstick. bc of the wind hitting my lips.
My camera. Hence pictures.
I also took Wilco the singer. Songs: Hummingbird, Either Way, True Love Will Find You in the End, etc. While I was riding I even nodded my head to the music.
I didnt take my phone. So I had no distractions. When I got back, I had no messages. Blast.
I found this big dirt pile and decided to go off roading. It wasnt as exciting as I thought it would be.

I took these people. They wore black and white.

Rides bike.

I even went by the scary house in Graceville. Its a murder house. Its also got a fence around it. We'll save that for a different post.