Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honesty is key. In blogs.

Im reading this book for class bc I have to write a review on it. I had a bad attitude in the beginning but turns out...its a good read. About small groups in church.

I am listening to Chris Thile. Who is a bluegrass instrumentalist extraordinaire. And Im having coffee. So my heart is alive. Plus I have Jesus.

I have to write some things. Get them out there. Not for your pleasure but to help me feel better.

I used to write in my ambidextrous notebook everyday. I dont anymore.
This summer I was making a lot of headbands. I dont anymore.
I have been writing a kids book about el guapo. I havent sat down with it in a while.
I used to blog nearly 3 times a week. I dont anymore.
I was real good at writing in my diary/journal and taping things in it. I dont anymore.
I went on adventures a lot on my bike when I first came to school here. I dont anymore.
I once took a lot of pictures. I dont anymore.

Why is this? Do I need to make more goals for these things in general. No. Bc that would only add pressure. I love doing these things but just dont do them. I am interested in new things. But I still love those activities I used to do. Youre probably thinking, just DO them. Youre right. I will. I will. And maybe Ill post pictures. So Ill be using my camera again too.

This could be the start of something new. A whole new blog. Maybe I could organize it to do at least two of these a week. And then that would mean me blogging at least twice a week.

Ok. Dont tell anyone this in case I get lazy or busy. Maybe I shouldnt have told you this idea. Rats. Im not erasing it. Im not! Keep me accountable. Whoever you are. Void.



Laura-Leigh said...

Let's have an adventure Monday and then make a headband. Then you can blog about it! I'm.a.genius.