Monday, February 28, 2011

I I wander.

I like to wonder. I like to wonder about things when I might not find an answer. Im not looking for answers. I like to not know things. I feel so comfortable when I just wonder. There is mystery and beauty and security when I just sit and...wonder.

I like these warm spring days. I like having special kids in my life to play with. They see things differently than I do. I can think like a kid, especially when it comes to adventures, but there is always something to learn when Im with them. Its like we both know secrets and dont mind sharing them with each other. Thats the joy of exploring. I love secrets. And using my imagination.

The earth is full of great things. Even if they may not look great. Like earthworms.

There is play to be had. Go outside. Go green. Go karts. Go pro. Like Prothro.