Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun is shining everyday.

I would like this hat for Easter. Isnt it darling. Its probably hand-crafted. And over a hundred years old. Doris Day looks lovely in it. I would half of a half of a half as lovely as her.

Here is a picture of my mother of pearl and sister and brother and their mother of pearl from a very long time ago. I want my moms orange hat as well.

I love old things. and old photos. Sometimes I see the world in black and white. In a good way. Dont worry, Im glad I can see in color. I wouldnt be able to appreciate the color of El Guapo. or the trees. or Chief Powhatan. or Dr. Richards bow ties. or the red exit sign above doors. or the blue sky. The Beatles appreciated the blue sky. I love that song.