Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today is Earth Day and also Good Friday.

Earth Day is a time we celebrate what the earth is. Its a day of appreciation. Not in a weird way. Even though I have face paint on. bc the Indians knew the earth well. With their feet. and skills. and direction. Today I am wearing moccasins and face paint in honor of them. Or maybe it was just an excuse to look like an Indian. Today I am celebrating animals, science, weather, trees, insects, seas, mountains, ugly animals, the different kinds of flowers, photosynthesis, the ground. etc. But I celebrate these everyday.

I thought it was ironic. The Earth was created by the Savior of the world that died thousands of years ago for us. It was his plan. God was, and always will be. He had a plan for every person. He created the world with intelligent design. and you and me. And he died just for us. So I am celebrating these together. The earth brings glory to God. But you know that. I just wanted to put it out there.