Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in the power of Eternity.

Weve been doing a series at Wiregrass Church dealing with Time and making good use of it. Our lives are so short. We wrinkle so quickly. Everything we do is but a moment. A moment in all eternity. Since we are but moments, it should be all the more important to glorify Christ with every single thing we do. As if thats not stressful enough, we must do it the best we can. We must glorify Christ as hard as we can. Its not about us. All the moments arent about us. Yet its so easy to get caught up in ourselves. But why? I think its because everything in society points to us. Not the Saviour of the world. Not the creator of the world. Not the Sustainer of the world. But us. Society makes it so easy to live for ourselves. Im not saying this is an excuse, but a mere challenge. How can we overcome it? Walking with Christ. Spending time with our heavenly Father. Who desires a relationship with us. Who wants the very best for us. Our glory is way too small anyways. How can we make our days count? How can we make every moment about Christ? Pray. Pray that doing the right thing will be second nature. Pray that the very thought of making every moment count will consume you. Making every moment count is stressful. It actually makes me nervous. I will fail today. I will fail tomorrow. At those moments I will be most thankful for Grace. But the Lord is near. He wants to help. He wants to change my thinking. He wants to give second chances. More tries. I am thinking about the decisions I might make today. Living for my own glory is wasted time.