Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My cornucopia of thoughts for today.

We've been working so hard in volleyball my whole body hurts. Or it could be Im more out of shape than I thought.
I enjoy listening to Don Knotts voice. For some strange reason I cant explain, its soothing.
I like to watch rain hit the ground. I like to watch puddles form. And seeing the dry ground where my car was. And listening to it. But I rarely ever do that in the summer because if I open the window it makes my hair frizzy. And sometimes its not worth it. And sometimes it is.
I want to play the Accordion so bad. So bad my eyes get squinty.
Still goin strong on my blow-up mattress. 2 weeks. Hopefully Ill be resting peacefully in a bed by next weekend. Not like literally resting peacefully.
Classes started. I hate school so much I get nauseous at the beginning of every semester.
I used to never double knot my shoes. Now I do.
Im so grateful I have 2 arms. I want to inspire people with these arms.
Its been windy. I dont mind. I have boy hair.
The new Coldplay song Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is so brilliant. It gets in my heart and makes me dance.
Current read: Biography of George Muller. A Man of Faith and Miracles. He was Warrior. An Expecting Warrior.