Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Im freezing this dream so I can have it forever.

Ok. This was my dream last night. Oh man. Im nervous. I dont know how it started but I was at this hospital in the middle of a jungle. It wasnt an ordinary hospital. It was a hospital for both humans and animals. Wild animals. Now. There were only a few humans in this jungle. Me being one of them. We were searching for a baby. A baby tiger. It resembled a calico kitten. This is how we searched for it. We had to find the areas where the tigers and cheetahs and lions slept. We had to find patches of grass and if it was flat we knew they had been sleeping there. And from there we could somehow track them. I have a vivid memory of finding a flat patch of grass and laying there to get the full effect and to better my chances of finding the thief. As we traveled to different patches we finally came across a family of cheetahs. The baby calico kitten lay in Father Cheetah's mouth. In his lower lip. My human friends and I had to go and pull down his lip and get the baby kitten. Without getting bitten. And without the cheetah getting angry. Success. It was easy. And it was all slimy. We took it to the hospital bc it needed medical attention. I remember walking down the hall in the hospital and looking in each room and seeing animals. I passed one room that had a roaring lion in it. I thought about running for my life but then thought about how it could easily come out of its room and eat me. But if I just quietly walked by and smiled it would all work out. At one point I went into my friends room and she was straightening her hair. Nothing seemed to bother her. While I was confused and stressed from searching for the kitten, it was like a regular day for her. Just another Wednesday at the wild animal hospital in the jungle. In search for the baby kitten stolen by the cheetahs. It sort of gets fuzzy here. All I can recall is that before I woke up I was playing dodge ball in a big dark building with lots of people. They werent very good. And there might have been animals involved there too.


Laura-Leigh said...

This sounds like a children's story in the making.