Monday, February 4, 2008

she needs jesus.

im taking a psychology class at jeff state and my teacher, mrs stork, is actually a psycho. and im not just saying this, she is. and she thinks we'll know everything after reading the first chapter. she'll ask us questions and give us this, dont you know what im talking about?!?!?!?! (the look on her face is priceless.) well, we actually have no idea, hence why we're taking this we can be taught...

she reminds me of the lady on Total Recall (with arnold schwartzineggar) at the end...where that lady starts having coniptions or something but its actually the bad guy in a womans body...ya know? well i think that if someone peeled off the outer layer of her forehead they would find this metal, machine-working, robot thing. i know, thats weird, but she is just so abnormal. im not judging her. im just telling you about her. pray for mrs stork.