Sunday, February 17, 2008

things i want to do before i see Jesus...

visit 10 national parks, yosemite included, camping along the way.

go to ireland.

spend the entire day talking in a british accent.

of course do mission work in africa.

get a kids book published.

swim with dolphins.

spend the night in the mall.

learn a little swahili.

be a teacher,

watch "the godfather"

go to a u.s. open tennis match.

be in a triathalon.

go to the mall barefoot.

surf in hawaii.

take a nap in a furniture store.

own a dog with a funny name.

start a fire with only sticks.

ice skate when its snowing.

play soccer in brazil.

pull a fire alarm.

learn more songs on my mandolin:)


Greta said...

Sounds like lots of fun!
By the way, where did you get your template/background? I love it!

Kim said...

Call me when you go to Ireland. someday...

Peyton said...

greta! look at the top of my blog and theres a little word at the top right (pyazz or something like that) click on it and it takes you to this website where theres thousands of templates!

kim...i will definitely call you:) i want to go so bad.

Abby said...

No, you both call me and yall can go to ireland with me! ok pirate peyton, sitting next to me in the library!