Monday, February 18, 2008

alive with christ!

so it was exactly a year ago (this past monday) that i was baptized! ive been a christian since i was, well, the usual age, 5, but i never realized the importance of it. ok, actually i really DID know how important it was. my dad probably told me once a month how important it was. he always said "getting baptized is being obedient to God." well i certainly didnt want to be disobedient. i remember thinking..."oh goodness, im disobeying God...oh no, thats a bad thing." i guess i was just scared. all my friends had already been baptized, so right then i thought, its over, theyve already done it, i can never do it. and i also remember thinking about asking one of my close friends if they would do it again with me so i wouldnt be alone, i know, how pathetic:)...and i didnt want to get up and answer the questions that harry asked in front of the whole church. what if i accidently said the wrong age of when i was saved, or what if i forgot my name...stage fright. anyways, i was always thinking of how i really needed to do it, but never did, just because, i dont know, i didnt really care...God knows my heart, that kind of thing. everyone says said that. so february 11, 2007 in big church...towards the end harry said "some people are already getting baptized today, but if anybody would like to just come on the spot, we have extra clothes..." (this wasnt word for word, he probably used a much smarter language. pastoral language, if you will). well, immediately i felt the conviction of God telling me i needed to go. this was the first time ive ever heard God speak to me. so i got up more quicker than ever and made my way down the isle and off to one of the side doors. my hands were a bit shaky. i just wanted to cry, im not really sure why. so i cannonballed into the water. i never understood that baptism meant, you were now alive with Christ, well i did, but i really felt like a new person when i came out of the water. man, all those wasted years...i was dead with Christ? no jk. i cant tell you how glad i am that i waited til i could really understand what was happening. i think doing it at a younger age wouldnt have been as special/important. so...i left that day at church with wet panties.


teagirl79 said...

Pey---that was such a cool service last year and I remember being so proud of you! :)
It does take a lot of courage to do something like that...things like that make me so nervous, but its so great when you obey the Lord's Voice! You realize it just doesnt matter if someone thinks ill of you...
love ya Pey Pey!

Peyton said...

aw thanks ree! love you!