Sunday, September 14, 2008

untitled. thats the title. untitled.

fall is creeping slowly around the corner. as much as i love hot weather and the beach im ready for cool air and very blue skies. sometimes i wish alabama was colorado. its the perfect state.

and i also cant wait to carve a pumpkin and eat the seeds. raw. jk.

i made a 96 on my first speech which i was very nervous about.

i want to get my haircut, but i cant decide. i hate decisions. and i want swoopy bangs.

i cant think of what i can be for halloween. i might be link again from zelda.

i got an early start on christmas and watched elf last week. haha, i couldnt help it. i love that movie.

im going bike riding tonight w some friends.

im gonna go to hobby lobby sometime this week and get a canvas and some paint. im gonna paint a picture.

thats all.


Kim said...


me likey your post.

be link.

Quinn's reminding you that it is just September and you don't need to plan your costume yet. (But I'm thinking about mine, too. shhh)

Peyton said...

well didnt he read my extremely excited about fall. i think i will be link again.


wendy said...

sampson said you're coming up this weekend! horray!! :) i hope so.

i've been wanting to paint something too, hmm... i think you telepathically stole my idea.


yesterday it was quite chilly outside, i was excited... bring a jacket this weekend if ya come!

love ya

Peyton said...

aw thanks wendy.

i havent painted yet, but soon.

maybe i wiil see you!!!!