Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Autumnal Equinox. aka fall.

fall made it!!! yes. i thought it wasnt going to come. it feels heavenly outside. every time i walk out, i let out this big "aughhhh..." and breathein all the goodness that comes with fall. the pumpkins are becoming pumpkins. the sky is beginning to lok more and more blue. and the leaves are tired of bein green. however, if i were a leaf, i wouldve already changed to orange.

at school today, i was down by the lake on the dock and there was this family (that lives near by) and there were two younger boys (about 4 and 5) and one of the boys looked at me and said "hey! we are feeding the turtles to the bread!" i laughed. and while they were feeding the turtles, this HUGE turtle swam up, and they started freaking out in excitement, and the mom said, "thats the pappa turtle," and one of the little boys said, "that looks like daddy!"

everyday i walk down to the dock and play my mandolin. after a while there ends up being about 6 people with there guitars. its fun. today i was playing and 3 of my friends came down and one of them wanted to play my mandolin. i started to ride my bike around in circles, he ended up writing this song about it. it is hilarious. but it also sounds really good. it sounds like something nickel creek would write. they are my favorite.

here is what the song is about:

its kind of like that song lighthouse, by nickel creek, ya know with the tradegy at the end...well the starts out with me riding my bike all over town and "nobody knows where ive been or where ive come from, or how fast im going." and while im riding my bike, on the dock, the water rises and i drown, and i become this legendary troll underneath the lake, and unitl someone else comes and rides there bike consistently like i did, well, they die and become the troll.

i know it sounds weird but it sounds awesome. i cant wait til its done.


Ann Marie & Scott said...

if I were a leaf I would turn red. :)

wendy said...

i brought the lyrics for the lighthouses tale into one of my classes last week for pleasure say to share. :) i thought of you!