Wednesday, September 17, 2008

long grass highlights thousands of waves.

so for my title, i combined a word from every paragraph.

its in the air. theres magic in the air. fall is its name. im so excited. i can wear long sleeves. and long pants. and long underpants. and long socks. and everything thats long.

i painted my picture yesterday. i painted grass with two different color greens. its very pretty. i painted on two canvas'. and put them together to make a long rectangle.

i also repainted the sistene chapel. and i put some highlights in mona lisa's hair.

it poured the other day and so there were thousands of puzzles on campus. me and my friend rode our bikes through every puddle. twice. literally. we were soaking wet. and then i disguised myself and went into the other dorm and rode my bike in their extremely long hallway. my outfit consisted of a t-shirt and shorts, a hat on backwards, a bandana on my face like a bandit, and my yellow rainboots. then i fell off my bike bc the floor was wet. my friend is gonna put it on youtube.

words of the day: seismic waves.