Wednesday, September 3, 2008

come fly with me.

im looking foward to fall. im excited about wearing long stuff. like long sox, long boots, and long long john shirts. i like crisp air. air thats not humid. but ive never lived in florida when its fall season. what if, in florida, its humid all year round. oh no. i certainly hope not.

i went biking today. it was fun. i felt like i was on the sandlot. all the neighborhoods around the school are old and cool looking. we stopped at a park and found a small ramp. we did trixies.

im listening to rap music. and dancing. like a (black person) of course.

i also listened to franklyn sinatra today. for a long time. if i could have a singing voice it would be his. actually it would be louis armstrong. im just gonna start talking like him.

while on the subject of music, im still fascinated by the new coldplay cd. i love it so much. most of the songs just make me dance. i cant even help it. it gets in my bones. coldplay gets in my bones...i dont hate it. heh heh.

me some girls wathced martian child last night. actually we ended up playing games the whole time. so i have still yet to see it.

well bye