Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple juice flood.

Im currently watching Fantastic Mr Fox. I love this movie so much. I like it bc its just so wondrous. And fantastic. Thats it! And everything is in the shade of orange and light brown golden mustard yellowish.

There is suppossed to be a meteor shower tonight. I would like to stay up all night and watch it. I like to keep my eyes on the skies.

Sometimes when Im mad I spit. It helps me feel better.

I want some delicious apple cider. Right now. Its all Ive been thinking about. Celebrating fall and thankfulness is so exciting.

Today I found a live cat and I tried putting it in my basket on my bike. It kept jumping out. Rats. Cats like rats. Bc rats are kind of like mice. mices. mouses.

I have never ran over an animal with my car before. I ran over 2 squirrells this week. In one week! I almost cried with the first one. I did cry with the second one. Not really. I nearly did.

Im going on a retreat with my small group girls this weekend. Its with Wiregrass Church. Which is basically the coolest church ever. No but seriously. I am praying God will teach them a lot of things. At least one thing. I am also praying for meaningful conversation with each of them.

Im about to start a new book. I always have a hard time getting started. I can never just open it and start reading. I usuall have to get some place quiet and start. Like at a park. Or in the woods. Or in my room with my fall lights on. From then on out I cant put the book down. Bc Im good at picking out books.

I want to learn Kung Fu. Everything is Kung Fu.