Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The ceety of meeeesteries.

My dream that I had last night is a mystery. I hate it when I dont know the purpose of doing something in my dream. I cant remember why I did some of the things in my dream last night. Ill give you what I do remember:

I ate every meal on a very fast moving train. It was highly dangerous when getting on it too.

The restaurant on the train was fancy. But I never wore a dress.

Everything on the train was green. It was like looking through night vision goggles that have this light green shade. If that helps.

Me and some people (whom I cant remember) were on our way to the train to eat and we passed this huge mud pit. It was in the middle of the road and a man had been trapped in it for a few weeks. Underneath the road. (I think since I have been thinking about the miners I had this dream). We were walking by and one of the news reporters grabbed me and said will you answer some questions about this. He asked me what I think it would feel like to be trapped underneath the ground for weeks. He asked me what I think the man was thinking. And he asked me what I think the man learned from his experience underground. I had good answers. I was on the news. Then we made our way to the train to eat.

When I got on the train I saw my cousin, Kessler, and I asked if she saw the man in the mud pit. This is when I woke up when I was sleep talking. I literally woke up in the middle of asking this question. I was whispering. It was so real to me. When I was awake I felt like I really wanted to know if she saw the man. Then when I was even more alert...I laughed at myself.

I escaped the moving train towards the end of our meal bc I had to make a quick, private trip to California. I flew there to see a good friend.

I cant remember why I flew to see her. This is the part when I wish I could remember the purpose of flying to California.

Thats my dream.

I lack confidence in thinking you pictured this dream well. Its impossible to see it as I saw it. Lived it. I wish you could. Bc it would still be a mystery.