Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assemble the Rockets!

July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin are the first humans to set foot on the moon. Apollo 11 Mission. Mission to the moon. and Mission on the moon. What an amazing date in History. First they tested artificial satellites then they sent man around the earth then man went to the moon. Space Race with the Soviets. Apollo 11 was prepared for the encounter of the moon. Along with Neil, Michael, and Buzz. Buzz Lightyear. They landed, after much complications, on the Sea of Tranquility. They waited for 6 hrs before they ventured out of the craft. How anxious they must have felt. The only thing I have in comparison is the long wait for a scary roller-coaster. Im so nervous and excited and anxious I nearly wet my pants every time. And roller-coasters fail when compared to another planet. I mean, its all about perspective during these important anniversaries. How did they feel? Thoughts? Concerns? Where they nervous about what to say to the 500 million people watching? What if Neil had stuttered? That would've changed things. I bet he rehearsed his line over and over. Or maybe not. Maybe it came from within as soon as he stepped out. He might have even thought of something better when it actually happened. I wonder about these things. Did he feel completely nauseous? His life was on the line. I mean, there could've been other life forms up there. Aliens. I bet Buzz wanted to be first to step. He didn't qualify though. He's Buzz Lightyear. He handled it well Im sure.

This forever positively changed the Nation. Science education, Rocketry, Physics, Technology, Astronomy, and many more things. Things I dont even understand when it comes to advancement from the Space Race.

Too infinity and beyond. Thats probably what I would've said when I landed on the moon. Or maybe something like "Moon rocks." Or "I feel very nauseous." Or "I just peed." Or "There seems to be no sign of intelligence anywhere..." Yeah. A quote from Toy Story, that'd be me alright.

We won. Go USA. Proud to be American. Most of the time. Today, Im very proud of how far the Nation has come. When speaking of inventions and such.

For now, Earth is still our home, but I wont be surprised when...Well, Ill save that for a different post.

Wouldya look at em now:

I love you Neil. You and your team will forever warm the cockles of my heart. You did it.

Watch the movie Moonshot.