Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ho ho ho and stuff.

Today we had a Christmas party at the Church. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. Here is the invitation I gave to the parents.

Christmas Party
@ Wiregrass Church!!
When: Thursday July 21, 2011.
Why? Because Christmas is almost here! Its 5 months away! So much to do so little time. Also to bring a little Christmas cheer to the church.
What we’re doing: Christmas games, decorating cookies, singing loud for all to hear, Dirty Santa (see “what to bring”), making Christmas ornaments, Dance parties, Christmas movie, and much more!!!
What to wear: Wacky Christmas clothes, costumes, sweaters, red and green.
What to bring: Kid-friendly item from your house that you don’t mind giving away. It will be used for Dirty Santa. Each child should bring a wrapped gift. Don’t buy anything!!!
What we will be eating: Candy, Candy-canes, Candy-corn, and Syrup. Just kidding, bring lunch.

Can you hear the bells? …I can. Murry Chrizmus!


Crafts with Christmas music.

I dressed as Santa and read them a Christmas book.

Decorated cookies.

Some example ornaments:

Dirty Santa: