Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confident Darkness. Running in Fog.

If I wasnt a Christ Follower would I not fear everything? Would I not fear the unknown? or the future? or decisions? I would fear what I cant control. I would fear peoples opinions. and disease. and the future, as a whole, everything that lies ahead. It would all be up to me. It would all be in my hands. a nasty, egotistical, polluted, depraved me. I am all these things anyway, but I would be saving myself. I would be my own god. I would be so connected to the world. My faith would be found in a changing world. It would be found in a people and culture that alters almost every moment. If I didnt have a connection with the Creator of the world I would be hopeless. I would modify my life along with society. I would be so ugly. So defective and unpredictable. I am uncertain about the future but I am so certain about my God. He is immutable and unswerving. He is the definition of dependence. I dont know what to expect when I graduate. I dont know the opportunities Ill have. I dont know where Ill be. I want to change the World. I want to change a people. The decisions I am making now are important. The commitment to be like Christ, now, in a shifting world, is important.

Without Christ, I would be on my own. I would be on a different path. One that was literally uncertain.


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