Monday, July 30, 2012


1. The Chariots of Fire song makes me cry.

2. Laying in the sunshine with good music in my ears gives me hope.

3. Everyone is beautiful if you think about it.

4. You know why The Police had blonde hair? I don't mind telling you. They were in a Chewing Gum commercial and they apparently didn't look punk enough so the commercial man said you need to dye your hairs blonde. They needed the money so they did. And then decided to keep it because they liked it.

5. Yellow is my favourite color right now, Laura Marling my favourite singer, and overalls my favourite outfit.

6. A Blue Moon might appear on these dates: August 2, and August 31. September 1, and September 30. I'm really hoping for the best. A Blue Moon means a rare event hence the phrase Once in a Blue Moon.


Jan Meszaros said...

wow!! graet, so much interesting