Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ace ventura. aka adventure.

this weekend i came home. i was way excited about it. i have only been here for 2 weeks but i was ready to come home. i picked aaron spigner up at troy university. on saturday me, aaron, and andrew went to the "quarry" in pelham. we went "snorkling." not fer real, but we acted like it. we swam through cement tunnels and such under water. we had flippers too. which adds to the adventure. and we jumped off this 13 foot ledge. that was amazing. we looked around at all the "professional snorklers," if you will, and wished we had all the gear they had. they looked so hardcore. maybe someday...

and then on sunday!...we went to the preserve after church and rock climbed. i love rock climbing. always an adventure. i have a small calus on my left ring finger. i love it.

yesterday i played football in the pouring rain. im on a intramural flag football team. our first game is on thursday. i hope we win. i love winning. im also playing volleyball, which im stoked about.