Friday, August 29, 2008

just a few thoughts.

i have good news and bad want the good news first? or the bad news?

ok, well, the bad news is we lost our first volleyball game last night.

the good is we won our first flagg football game!!! i was so excited. i amost got two touchdowns. i dropped the ball when i was standing in the inzone. and then i caught the ball and ran for my life but then this guy ripped my flag off.

our volleyball team name is "Swamp Donkeys."

our football team name is "The Tie Die Pteradactyls." i came up with that one.

im addicted to the newest Indelible Grace cd. go to and listen to there newest album. i love it. my favorite is #11. she has such a cool voice.

im going to the beach with some of the college group this weekend. im very excited.

i watched Dan in Real Life last night and laughed just as hard as i did the first time i saw it. i love it.

i finally got my new verizon phone. we switched from t-mobile to verizon bc i couldnt get any service here.

we were suppossed to have a pop-test in geometry this morning but our teacher forgot and remembered it at the end of class. i laughed...on the inside. me and him are gonna get a long great.

i love watching the olympics. i want to be in them. i can just start a new sport...hmm...what about thumb war contests? perfect.

peace out girl scout.


wendy said...

yay for verizon! yes, much better service.

i concur the olypics are pretty amazing. i don't see why thumb wars can't be in there though with all the other crazy sports they have.

hope Gustav doesn't come blow your dorm down.

miss ya! sorry i didn't get to see you before you left! when are you goin to come home & visit?

Peyton said...

haha you are funny.

im coming home this weekend!!