Thursday, August 7, 2008


im back! man, it seems like yesterday when i last blogged about how i was LEAVING for camp and now im BACK. too fast. summers are always to fast. it feels so weird to come home after having a routine for the past 3 months...i had forgotten how to sleep in. i will blog soon about all the things i learned. God taught me so much. He is so cool.

i bought some more moleskine journals last night. i love moleskine. i used one of my big moleskine journals this summer for my drawings and i filled it up. i need more. i got more.

well im off to my new school next week! im not too excited. i hate school. im only 40 minutes away from the beach...aka ill be going there a lot.

its been so fun hanging out w everyone. i missed my friends.


Ann Marie & Scott said...

Oh Pey! we will miss you when you leave us AGAIN, but we will come visit! Love you!

Peyton said...

im so grateful yall are coming! a third college beach trip! i dont hate it. love you!