Sunday, August 31, 2008

labor free.

well im at the beach. i love the beach. its one of my favorite places. me and scott and aaron and rachel went body surfing today when the waves were 5 feet. yeah those waves were from Gustav. it was a little scary. and then we went to publix and me and rachel stayed in the car, and we ended up hiding in a tree in front of the store and they left us bc they couldn find us. it was an adventure.

also me and rachel got our nose pierced. its exciting. im not a punk though. it looks cute.

i love looking out into the vast ocean. its like an abyss. to know that God created it excites me everytime. i love looking out and thinking the earth is flat, i dont know why. but i feel like if i were colombus, i wouldve gone ahead and called it flat. anyways, the ocean never ceases to leave me breathless. PTL.


Kim said...

You ARE a punk.

I LOVE that picture of you two riding the horses at the top of your page.

Peyton said...

am not. thanks! i like it too.