Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 things learned over the summer.

i told you a while back that i would blog about what i learned this summer...well, here are SOME things: paraphrased from my journal:

the first: i need to surrender all of my life to Christ everyday. i think its something that is crucial if i want to truly have a relationship with Christ. its something that needs to happen daily. its giving not only my day to God, but everything. its saying that he is sovereign. me waking up with God every morning should be a habit. a good one. i need to really seek God everyday. i want to find all my satisfaction in Christ. i need to live like this. i dont really need anything. i always say i want to live as Christ and follow him but i never put forth any effort. help me. -june 1, 2008

the second: this is from a week during the summer. i think its funny. thinking back to this night. so its little kids week and im about to pull my hair out. i like little kids week better than big kids week but these kids are especially crazy. crazier than usual. ive NEVER seen kids with so much energy. and ive also never seen so many kids that dont listen. im currently punishing them. i made them go to bed early. me and the other counselors played cards in the middle of the floor and laughed a lot. (as part of their punishment). and then i read them a really boring story from the old testament. PAH! but i thank God for giving me the energy i need to go through this week. when i think of these kids not listening i think of myself being selfish and not listening to God. so many times i think i know Gods will for my life but its completely opposite of his will. hes got patience with me that i need with these kids. i thought of this vs. psalm 103:8-10. read it. its a perfect example. thanks for listening, or in this case, reading. -june 9,2008

these are 2 out of the 22 things i learned over the summer. im not gonna blog all of them.