Tuesday, April 21, 2009

arrival time back at school: 3:30am. wake up time: 6:30 am.

i had the privelidge of going to see dave matthews band and old crow medicine show last night. they played at the oak mtn amphitheater. aaron spigner got two tickets. he knows a friend who knows a friend who knows the five. we got there a little late...driving from florida was a disadvantage. as we were pulling in to park i rolled down the window only to find something terrible. something so terrible we shreaked w disappointment. 'wagon wheel' coming from their instruments never made us so angry. we didnt even get to hear our favorite song. unfortunately all the parking lots were full and they directed us to park somewhere on highway 119. we sprinted all the way. literally. we screamed 'we're coming we're coming!' but i dont think the band heard us bc by the time we got in OCMS was already done. we wanted to throw up. and then die. luckily, dave matthews band was kickin. he is an amazing person in concert. one song, he got crazy and started dancing all over the place. he has rhythm. a funny rhythm. i loved it. i love him. to top it off he sang a cover...'burnin down the house' by talking heads. also, to our advantage, it was national pot day. heh.

on the way back we listened to the entire phantom of the opera soundtrack. and sang nearly every word. i was the girl. he was the...men.


Ann Marie said...

im so glad yall had fun! we wanted to go so bad but i couldnt afford the good tickets...and scottie doesnt like to go to a concert unless he has really good seats. which makes him a concert snob.
we saw DMB before we were married and it was a really cool concert, except that it rained literally the entire time. i would have thought that would have cleared the pot smoke away, but it didnt. we left the concert a wee bit high from second hand pot smoke.
im sure that didnt happen to you tho. ;)

WV: "unono"
Scottie yelled "Unono!" to fake us out during the game of UNO. We made him draw 4 extra cards for a fake-out uno call.

Peyton said...

hahaha that was an excellent wv!! i love it.

the concert was amazing. he puts on such a good show. pot smoke. mmm. it smells like BO.

wv: struxag: a lactose intollerant drug.