Tuesday, April 7, 2009

venom on my tires.

just yesterday i was driving along, on a small highway when i see this small long black thing up ahead. it was wiggling its way across the road. or slithering, should i say. it was indeed the black momba. these snakes have a wide range of known locations. savannahs, woods, and maybe rocky surfaces. notice, the road, is not one of them. when i was getting closer, it delivered multiple strikes to my car. it was obviously threatening me. i couldnt help but run over it. and it wasnt fast enough. and i hate snakes. some ask, "did you mean to hit it?" ...my answer: 'the black mamba is one of the largest and most deadliest snakes in the world...you decide for yourself.' after i hit it, i pulled over and got out of my car. i skinned it and i am making shoes and belts. it was a 10 footer. also, i checked its belly for gold. black mambas are known for eating buried treasure.