Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I went to my first yoga class tonight. It was exactly what I expected. Except the room was smaller than I imagined. And there were not so many people. There were older people too. Our teacher, she is very nice. Funny. Easy going. Ya know, the usual yoga instructor, I guess.

When we first started she had us sit Indian style and close our eyes. To relax. She told us to focus on breathing. Well, as you already know from previous posts I don’t do this very well. there is something I find extremely funny when someone forces silence upon me. I found myself pleading with Jesus to keep me from laughing. I was literally on the verge of bursting.

She would of course name the poses we were going to do right before we did them, and I wanted to laugh horrendously every time…she would name the yoga pose while she was exhaling…in this deep raspy voice…”batsumanaha…” this is when I began praying for Jesus to help me.

A lists of some poses we did: childs pose. face cow. Mountain. Cobra. Grandfather cobra. Warrior. Bridge pose. Cat.

To be honest it did relax me, not in a religious way, but it is healthy to flex your body and stretch.


wendy said...

hahaha!! i would have busted up for sure. those are very funny pose names.

Peyton said...

it was only by the grace of God i didnt.

i know!!