Thursday, April 2, 2009

with this cave.....i shape my destiny!

I went rock climbing with aaron and Andrew spigner Saturday. it was fun. Unitl I almost plummeted to my death. I climbed 4 rocks, which is a lot for me bc my fingers get tired after the first two…and we were about to leave when aaron said “why don’t you try the cave?” I said noooo way. Its too hard and my fingers are already tired. It was one of the higher ones…I said I really shouldn’t bc im tired. Well, I usually don’t give into peer pressure, but I did. It only got me in trouble. I got to the top and got stuck. I felt like my arms/fingers were slowly giving up on my life. it was like someone sucked all the strength out of my body. I started feeling nauseated. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to give up on my life. I told Aarons brother that he was going to have to speedy on up there and help me. So he did. And he gave me a hand and pulled me out of that horrendous cave.

It was two rocks together and it made a cave. When you get closer to the top you can actually put your back on one side and your legs on the other in a sitting position. But somehow there was no strength in my body, so I was only able to be in this sitting position for so long.

Some have asked, “will you ever attempt the cave boulder again?”

I think so…i think so.