Thursday, April 9, 2009

my fish has a moustache.

There is a new member to my family. El guapo is my fish. Gold fish.

he is made of real gold. only i know this. well, and you. he is a special fish.

He isn’t like any other fish. He does tricks. He jumpz, I moves ze bowl, he jumpz back in. when I feed him, he circles around the bowl at a rate unlike any other fish. today i cleaned his bowl. it smelt like poop. i loved it. its like, when your kid poops, you still love him the same. well, thats how it is for me and el guapo.

My friend won him for me at a rattlesnake rodeo. He has had many adventures already. He is a traveler indeed. We were meant to be together.

El guapo translated means the handsome.

he really likes the oak ridge boys. or, as he calls them, the oak ridge men.


Ann Marie said...

Py you are so funny!
you need to post a picture of El Guapo!

Peyton said...

i will i will!

RDJones said...

Peyton you are so so so funny. You should write a book. I'll make the cover. We'll be rich