Monday, June 21, 2010

2 words. put a little love in your heart.

i am going to tell you a secret. A secret from the heart. and soul. my heart and soul to be specific. when i get ready in the morning sometimes i listen to really weird and great music to inspire my outfit. true story. ill give you a list in a second of a few examples. if i dont know what to wear i just simply play a song that will inspire me. then the ideas start flooding in.

sufjan stevens- we are what you say.
rusted root- on my way.
veer zaara- aisa es hai mera.
cat stevens- peace train.
donna lewis- always and forever.
my polka vinyl.

ps cat stevens inspires me period. thats all. he is one of the grandest. he has a special place in my heart.

toy story was excellent. its sort a kids suspense thriller movie. i wish i had seen this one with my best friend. bc we saw the first and second in the theater when we were younger. i nearly weeped at the end. it was truly touching. it made me want to go home and play with my old toys. they will never be forgotten. i love them.

dear barbie, im sorry for always cutting your fake hair. your long curly locks got in the way of my tom-boyish lifestyle. they also got extremely mangled. probably due to rolling you down the street in your scratched up corvette. sorry about that too.


Anonymous said...

Aisa des hai mera, whoaaaaaa.... aisa des hai mera!