Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love all libraries except this one.

Funny story:

I went to the library the other day to check out a book. Since I don't live in Dothan I cant check out books. (What's the point of a library if you cant check out books! How selfish of them). BUT Im employed in Dothan so I can. I brought a letterhead of Wiregrass Church with me. They also needed a document with my Graceville address to prove I live there. I politely asked them if I really needed that since I didn't have it with me. They gave me a hesitant look, the look as if they would let me go ahead and check it out...then they explained in a soft voice that their boss was very anal about that kind of stuff. I said 'its no big deal, for your sake I'll come back tomorrow!' So then they said "Don't worry about bringing the letterhead back since we've already seen it." I go back the next day (with my address doc) and explained to the new lady my situation. She immediately asked for my letterhead. I said "Oh the ladies yesterday said not to bring it back since they saw it!" She snapped back and said "WELL HONEY I HAVE TO HAVE IT TO LET YOU CHECK OUT A BOOK!" I said well I don't have bc they said don't worry about it. She said "WELL WHAT WERE THEIR NAMES?!?!" (She gave me that look like, AHA! Gotchya. Booyah. Yeah). I said well I don't know but one was a heavier set black lady who helped me with much courtesy, and the other had grey hair in a pony tail with bangs and glasses. She replied "WELL SWEETY, WE ALL DONT WORK AT THE SAME TIMES NOW DO WE!!!" I understood and said 'let me go check in my car for my letterhead.' I thought it was hopeless at this point. I found it in my purse on the way out!!! I marched back in there and said "HERE JERK!!!" Not really, although I wanted to at that point bc of her impoliteness. To make the long story short I stood there for 15 minutes while she filled out my info for my library card on an old typewriter. Ya know, the ones that take 5 minutes to type out one sentence? Those. (In the end I think I figured out who the "anal" boss was.) I got my book. I checked out "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath, which parallels her life. After I got it she then FIRMLY explained to me they don't renew books. What library doesn't renew books?! ...This one.

I just don't understand how people can be so rude for no reason. Couldn't I have been this ONE exception? Bc they probably rarely have people come in from out of town wanting to check books out. So its not like she has to deal with this all the time. Well it nevertheless gave me a chance to show Jesus. We are called to be the different ones. Even though SHE was the different one in this situation.


Anonymous said...

I am that woman.

just kidding.

but seriously.

jenchristine said...

I think I will go to the library today...I live in Dothan, so maybe they will be nice to me? Hopefully?!?!

Love the blog Peyton!