Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventures. Adventura. Ace Ventura.

I am in serious search of some Binoculars. See, I capitalized it because they are currently so important to me. I am going to be doing much exploring this summer and am in desperate need of them. Yes, desperate. I think they can only help my explorations. Probably even increase them in number. My eyes can only see so far. I am far from blind. I am also far from seeing small things from 2 miles away. I have been looking, not as much as I should, at local antique stores, but havent had much luck. I did find some great perfect ones but they were out of my price range. I also dont want them to be heavy. Aka I am going to wear around my neck. 24-7. Holla back.

I am really missing the Olympics. They are so grandiose. and grand. My Aunt Betsy and I had the most hilarious commentary. Ever. We also wished we were in the olympics ourselves. We are talented in so many areas. My dad alwasy said he could see me as a Speed Skater. I have always said I could see myself as a Speed Skater. I like speed. On ice. I love the Olympics. And cannot wait till the next showing.