Monday, December 1, 2008

magnetic gold.

guess what? i have really hairy legs. no shave november duh. its over. i can shave now. (you should see my arm pits.)

im currently learning a new song on my mandolin. this is the song. 'Rise' by Eddie Vedder. aka lead singer of pearl jam. a musical genius. this song is magical.

im going to make paper snowflakes very soon. i watched elf last night and i love christmas.

i found a leaf today at school. its bigger than my head.

all my exams are this week. aka a week early than theyre scheduled for. which means ill be home for christmas...

i get to go to Tennessee for a christmas party. doe river gorges christmas party. i cant wait to see everyone. and we will most likely go sledding. bc theres snow up there. and big hills.

the hills are alive with the sound of music.


Green Hippo said...

I love that the very first subject is your hair legs and underarms. It's simply beautiful.