Wednesday, December 17, 2008

all the wild horses.

so the new thing to do at parties is play jenga. duh. the best music to listen to while playing is none other than bob marley.

we also played balderdash. so funny. people can think of the craziest things.

im currently downloading sigur ros on my ipod. mmm. and some other stuff. i got to have new tunes for the drive...

im off to tennessee tomorrow! the day finally came. i never thought it would. the camp i work at ( throws a big christmas party every year. everyone thats ever worked there can come. i love the people up there. we have close bonds.

i still need to make paper snowflakes.

im aksdhfuenjgniv. aka hungry.


Ann Marie said...

oh have fun at the party! :) dive carefully and all that jazz...
jenga is more fun than i expected it to be... :) nad baulderdash was pretty amusing too!