Sunday, December 7, 2008

share bread. share moments.

I know what space smells like. apple cider. It smells like apple cider. The starbucks kind.

finals. are. over. party. time. is. here. all. the. time.

favorite christmas song that i completely forgot about. ‘simply havin a wonderful christmas time.’ i cant believe my brain almost forgot.

i went to the library today. i hate reading however i got a book. a dear friend of mine told me a good one. and we are the same. so i think ill like it.

im reading it. and drinking coffee. i wish i could say im sitting by a fire as well, but i can only say im sitting by a space heater. but im also eating saltine crackers with peanut butter. which makes everything better.

salvation army bells are ringing. christmas is here.


Green Hippo said...

The salvation army bells always warm my heart. They touch me deep down inside.

Jennifer said...

So what book is it?

Peyton said...

The Life of Pi...its good so far!