Sunday, December 28, 2008

the dinosaur DNA.

i got something for christmas that really excites me. i. got. rock. climbing. shoes. itll be so much easier now. however i havent been able to use them yet because of the rain. hopefully soon though.

ski trip with the college group this week. i already know we are gonna have good times. and we are gonna laugh so much. i cant wait to hit the slopes.

im currently watching jurassic park. mmm. dinosuars. so intense.

im at a loss for words. kbye.


Adam M Sleeper said...

i am in town thru the second, give me a shout if you wantta go climb ... and mark and I will do the same ... if it would ever quit raining

Peyton said...

lets maybe go wednesday...we leave for the ski trip on thursday. im babysitting til 3 tomorrow...