Saturday, December 13, 2008

dragon tears = jelly beans.

tonight i had so many laughs. they werent just laughs. they were really good ones. ones that come around every once in a while. laughs that make your stomach hurt are the real ones. the treasures.

the laughs were taken place at the 'owen family christmas party.' aka jonathan and kristin's house. we played this extremely hilarious game. i think it was called party showdown. or something. and we played jenga. the worlds greatest game.

we made things like monsters and christmas trees out of jenga pieces too.

i hate corn bread. its dry and crumbly. maybe it thinks im dry and crumbly...

today i threw something on my bed while my cat was taking a nap, she might of had a mild heart attack. then she looked at me and im pretty sure she was thinking, 'who do you think you are.'

it was supposed to snow yesterday. i knew it wasnt going to. i lost hope i know. i have a good reason though. last year when i was working at j.crew it snowed. i was working. when i got off work i went home only to find no more snow. that was the worst christmas ever. (sufjan song.) so since it was SUPPOSED to snow yesterday, my mom let me have an early christmas present. it was a hat and a scarf. how nice of her to let me have it when it was supposed to snow. even though it didnt, i had a very warm head and neck.

sufjan stevens christmas albums are the best. duh. i wish i could make you listen to them.

its 2:30 in the morning. and my arms are cold from not being under the covers bc im blogging. aka typing. and to all a good night.


Green Hippo said...

Your cat was probably saying, "Why do you hate me?"

Adam M Sleeper said...

sufjan stevens christmas & music in general is amazing! good call ... i have listened to his 5 cd volume christmas set probably 6 or 7 times this month already!

Ann Marie said...

Im really glad to hear you have a warm neck and head, aka your early Cmas present! ;)
love you Pey! we had so much fun Fri nite too! we love playing games with yall. and i was super-releived that i did not make the jenga fall at all!

Peyton said...

laura- haha probably!

adam- thanks. its like i cant get enough of it.

ree- thanks. it was SUPER fun! and me too. making the jenga wouldnt have been good. congrats to us.

Ms.Claire said...

if you like sufjan stevens you will adore Sondre Lerche both beautiful musicians.