Monday, December 22, 2008

God bless the USA. aka Johnson City, TN.

so. tennessee. fun. adventures. good times seeing the people i love a lot. new people too. i gave and received a lot of hugs. it makes me sad to think i wont see them for a while. it all happened so fast but i really had a wonderful time. i also love driving. especially if yor listening to good music. and especially to the mountains. they have a piece of my heart.

i hiked part of the million mile trail. aka the appalachian trail. i hiked part of it. yes! it was a new day. an unforgettable day. i will hike more someday. we saw an old cabin. i nearly climbed in it. we came to a meadow. and we looked the stars for a long time. and we saw a cloud that looked like a dragon. we decided that anything/everything can look like a dragon.

i want to think im not a sentimental person. however. i really am. really. ill keep anything that was involved in a special moment or a funny moment. to me, its a treasure. its also the small things that are so important to me. me and some friends found a plastic toy turtle. i carried it w me on the hike. in my left hand. its small and insignificant. but to me, it means the world. i havent named it yet. thats a really important job and could take days.

my dear friend rachael randolph informed me that JFK and C.S. Lewis died on the same day. interesting.

it was a good weekend. good times. good laughs. good people.