Friday, February 20, 2009

i like giants. especially girl giants.

it got cold again. aka ugh. but its sunny which i love.

me and some people got tired of school food, so we went and ate at moes. and then brusters. i sat on top of the car and ate my ice cream. and then my left hand went numb.

asbestos. aka the stuff living in our dorm. aka lung cancer. that explains why everyone on my half of the dorm has been sick. including me. we are all going to have lung cancer.

early this morning i heard a knock on my door. it was the bug man. nuff said.

i painted yesterday. while my window was open. while listening to ray lamontagne.

something i need: mary poppins on dvd. duh.

if i drink milk before i go to bed, it makes me feel young. like a kid. i hope i will always have that feeling.

i am learning a song on my recorder. my recorder from elementary school. the brand is 'kingsley.' i know. such a good brand.

82 days til summer.


Ann Marie said...

Oh! I have Mary Poppins on DVD! you should come home from yucky school and watch it with me! :) Scottie is no fun to watch it with, since he wont sing with me! :)

sphequi: what uncle albert in "MP" (see above) calls spaghetti

Peyton said...

ann marie! i am coming home in a few weeks. we will. and we will sing. and dance. occasionally. ok. great. i am so excited.

ps dick van dike has my heart.

Cannonicity said...

i love you the most. SHHH.

come visit my blog yo! i be adding you. I forgot.

Ann Marie said...


dadlazz: what P-Diddy calls his own father