Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lotion water.

so it was exactly two years ago today i was baptized. its a special day. it seems like forever ago. but i remember sitting in the pew and pastor harry felt the conviction of saying...'if anybody else wants to get baptized, we have extra clothes...and if you feel God telling you to come, come.' (except he used a much smart sounding language, pastoral language, if you will). this marked the first time i actually heard God say 'GO!' he spoke to me. the Holy Spirit is alive and powerful i stood up more quicker than ever and made my way down the isle. i was nervous. and my hands were shaky. i didnt want harry to ask me all those baptism questions...i remember thinking, what if i forget my name, or my age, or when i got saved, or if santa claus is real or not...stage fright. anyways, to get my mind off that, i did a cannonball right into the water. i was alive in Christ, it was an unforgetable feeling. im so glad i waited til i could really grasp and understand what was going on. so, i left that day with wet underwear. ha.


Green Hippo said...

Wet Underwear...I love it.
My sister told the pastor not to put the cloth on her face cause she had lipstick on nad it would mess it up.
I just remember freezing to death in a lake in February.

Peyton said...

yes. that is funny. ha!