Tuesday, February 3, 2009

newest member of the National Bikers Association. aka bikers of america.

this exact time last week i was headed south on a bike. me and one of my fellow dorm mates, nicole, thought it would be fun and adventurous to ride our bikes to the nearest walmart to get some essentials. aka the next town, Chipley, which is 15 miles away. we knew it was going to be hard, but in our heads we pictured highway 79 much flatter than it was in real life. florida doesnt seem that flat when biking. we struggled (and laughed) when approaching each hill. which turned out to be a mountain. however, there was never a point in time when we came to a 'descending' part. we only 'ascended.' weird huh. it was like going up stairs. we got to the top of each small (large) hill (mountain) excited to get to go downslope, but it never came. logically, we thought some of the hills we would get to coast on the way down. we were wrong in our thinking. we got about 6 miles out of graceville, which read 'one hour' on my stop watch. we passed about 7 eighteen wheelers, (or they passed us), so 7 times i tried raising my arm up and down to get them to honk, but none of them ever did. which couldve been an advantage, it probably wouldve blown me off the road. and in the end i wouldve been deaf. some road trip. we also passed countless road kill. who wouldve thought? road kill? not us. an interesting piece was a beaver. in half. even a piece of its tail was off. must have been tragic. unexpectedly we saw a field of sheep and deer. they were all sitting together. hmm. i had no idea they were friends. well, we made it to chipley, exhausted. we phoned a friend to tell him to come pick us up. we were grateful. 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 33 seconds. lance armstrong has nothing on us. duh.

i would do it again. only if i purchased a bigger bike seat. (girls, take this to heart). on a serious note, it was most definitely a learning and growing experience. you can view the world from a different perspective when using a bike for traveling purposes. more to come about this in a different post.

we even made it on the morning radio show at BCF. basically heros.

99 days til summer.