Tuesday, February 10, 2009

take flight.

i played golf this weekend. i need to play more. i had some good hits, but most of which flew off the hill with much dirt.

today my teacher made a joke that took about 5 minutes and at the end, nobody laughed.

last night we had our 3rd intramural basketball game. my coach is black. and his name is cornelius. holla. i made two 3 pointers. he was so proud. he treated me like a gang member. in a good way. i dont hate it.

im hoping it wont get cold anymore. this weather should probably stay. or i wont be happy.

i have been really wanting to play tennis. nobody plays here, so ive been working on my serve.

there is a sign in my physical science class that reads: emergency eye wash.

92 days til summer.


Ann Marie said...

aw Pey Im so proud of your 3 pointer! Scott would be impressed!

it was good to see you for a few @ SS last weekend and to meet your cool roomie! :)

Peyton said...


you too! it was fun!!!!