Tuesday, February 24, 2009

physical science.

the boy in front of me has been playing tetrus the whole time. aka an hour and 30 minutes.

the girl to the left of me has a big purple shirt. and a tilted laptop.

the chinese girl diagnal of me is falling asleep. her little eyes.

the girl across the room has a very blue streak in her hair.

my teacher has a black mark on his face from the dry eraser.

the girl to the right of me has a really tiny laptop. a leg top.

theres a woman in front of me who always wears a lot of makeup.

luckily, i am normal.


Green Hippo said...

I totally know the pain you are going through.

Peyton said...

oh yes. we talked about this tonight. on our lovely adventure.

so what. im still a rock star.

Ann Marie said...

BAHAHA!! "a leg top"
love it!